Toshiba Memory’s KumoScale Software Adds Support for New Telemetry Frameworks

Software Enabling NVMe Flash-as-a-Service Now Integrated with Graphite, Prometheus

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 18, 2019 – Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, today announced that its KumoScale™ storage software for NVM Express™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) v3.11 now supports Graphite and Prometheus® telemetry frameworks. These integrations are built on the KumoScale REST API architecture, with adapters added for each new framework.

With its KumoScale storage software, Toshiba Memory makes flash storage accessible over a data center network – allowing data centers to run more efficiently. KumoScale software addresses the inefficiencies associated with direct-attached storage (DAS) architectures by disaggregating the high-performance NVMe™ SSDs from compute nodes and making them shared and available across a network infrastructure as network-attached resources.

The modern cloud data center is no longer the province of proprietary “panes of glass” – instead, all infrastructure elements must be monitored and controlled together. KumoScale software works with customers’ existing orchestration, deployment automation and telemetry/logging infrastructure.

KumoScale storage software generates a rich telemetry feed from the network-connected storage nodes including workload demands, performance delivered, media wear state, and detailed event logs which are exported to existing time-series and logging tools. Telemetry data is tagged so that workload and performance can be analyzed on a per-volume, per-interface, per-drive, or per storage class (user application) basis. The KumoScale telemetry provider is built to allow simple adaptation to user frameworks – using either a push or pull model.

“Smaller enterprises are forced to monitor their infrastructure using a patchwork of proprietary vendor tools, but that approach doesn’t work at scale,” noted Joel Dedrick, vice president and general manager, shared accelerated storage software, Toshiba Memory America, Inc.  “Modern on-premise cloud operators carefully choose the best management framework for their needs, and expect everything under their roof to pour operational data streams and critical event logs into that framework. This enables them to synthesize the flood of raw data into actionable information. KumoScale software is designed to interoperate with our customers’ choice of monitoring and control infrastructure, whether it’s open source or proprietary.  Today’s announcement is the latest step in realizing that commitment.”

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About KumoScale
KumoScale™ software is a leading high-performance block storage software suite for on-premise clouds. Combining the speed and responsiveness of born-in-the-cloud software with the staying power of one of the world's largest flash memory makers, KumoScale software uses NVMe™ technology to enable “flash-as–a-service."

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