Toshiba Memory America Announces SSD Compatibility with the DriveScale Composable Platform Targeting NVMe over Fabrics

Certification Positions Toshiba Memory’s CD5 Series Data Center NVMe SSDs and CM5 Series Enterprise NVMe SSDs for Composable NVMe Infrastructure

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 24, 2019 – Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, today announced that its CD5 Series data center NVMe™ SSDs and CM5 Series enterprise NVMe SSDs are now certified to operate with the DriveScale Composable Platform. The software platform enables users to flexibly create, adapt, deploy, and redeploy hardware resources, optimizing workload resource utilization with pools of disaggregated and heterogeneous SSDs and compute nodes. When Toshiba Memory CD5 and CM5 NVMe SSDs are deployed, the DriveScale Composable Platform provides a high-performance storage solution with elastic, fungible resources on demand.

This architectural framework uses its physical resources (i.e., compute, storage and network fabrics) as services, and through software, creates virtual application environments which deliver the right level of resources that the application requires. The platform requires storage media to deliver exceptionally high performance and low latency, making Toshiba Memory’s CD5 and CM5 SSDs well-suited for the DriveScale Composable Platform and NVMe-oF™ (NVM Express™ over Fabrics).

Utilizing the NVMe-oF protocol, CD5 and CM5 SSDs can be disaggregated from the server and made available for use by applications on a number of servers. Storage nodes connected to the NVMe-oF protocol enable multiple paths to CD5 or CM5 SSDs. Not only can these SSDs communicate over networks, but they can also deliver the same high-performance, low-latency benefits as if the SSDs were locally attached, with virtually no limits to the number of servers or SSDs that can be shared.

“We see a strong market direction toward high-performing NVMe storage devices for data-intensive applications that deliver the performance benefits of direct-attached storage while enabling these SSDs to be shared over standard networks throughout the enterprise,” said Denise Shiffman, chief product officer at DriveScale. “We are very pleased to work closely with Toshiba Memory’s ecosystem team on compatibility testing of their CD5 and CM5 NVMe SSDs with our composable orchestration solution, enabling our customers with exceptional storage options.”

“Our CD5 and CM5 Series NVMe SSDs deliver high performance with low latency, making them ideal choices for the DriveScale Composable Platform and for future NVMe-oF opportunities,” said Tatsuya Tanaka, vice president of ecosystem and standards at Toshiba Memory America, Inc. “When deployed within the DriveScale Composable Platform, storage services can be delivered with greater performance, resource utilization, economics and efficiency, all while enabling dynamic service level agreements across workloads.”

DriveScale-compatible CD5 and CM5 Series NVMe SSDs provide a number of key benefits for composable infrastructures. They can be deployed and redeployed in minutes and improve overall system utilization through the decoupling of compute and storage resources.

Toshiba Memory continues to lead the industry with flash innovations for the evolving data center and enterprise landscapes and is committed to developing long-term customer relationships. With significant investments in memory, SSD development and fab capacity, customers can depend on Toshiba Memory for leading-edge, flash-based storage technologies. The company will demonstrate its CD5 and CM5 Series SSDs in its exhibit (#307) at the upcoming Flash Memory Summit  in Santa Clara, California, August 6-8, 2019.

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