KIOXIA America Pushes Boundaries with Software-Enabled Flash Technology at SNIA’s 2021 Storage Developer Conference

Inventors of NAND Flash Demonstrate API, New SDK that Maximize Value of Flash Memory

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 28, 2021 –  This week at SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference A new window will open.(SDC), KIOXIA will showcase its Software-Enabled Flash™ technology. At the virtual conference, KIOXIA will update developers on recent advancements made to their technology, as well as introduce a new Software-Enabled Flash software development kit (SDK) that allows for faster time to market, easier development and powerful abstractions. KIOXIA, a longstanding SNIA member, has worked within the association to develop and enhance many technologies throughout the storage industry. 

KIOXIA Software-Enabled Flash technology helps hyperscale cloud providers and storage developers maximize the value of flash memory. By removing the impediment of legacy protocols used by current designs and architecting a completely new way of using flash, Software-Enabled Flash technology delivers software-defined flash to hyperscale users. Software-Enabled Flash technology fundamentally redefines the relationship between the host and flash devices, allowing cloud-scale users to unlock the most value from their flash. With this technology, developers are freed from narrowly defined “drive” behavior, which presents challenges for applications requiring control over workload isolation, data placement, and quality of service.

“We developed Software-Enabled Flash technology to deliver the full value of flash memory and solve the unique problems of hyperscale cloud providers and storage developers,” said Eric Ries, SVP, Memory Storage Strategy Division (MSSD), KIOXIA America, Inc. “The Software-Enabled Flash SDK builds on the existing API and provides an even easier, more compelling way to use flash. Software-Enabled Flash technology is a force multiplier in data center economics, and we know it takes a community of developers and vendors to make a revolutionary project like this work. We look forward to engaging in discussions at SDC and bringing together flash vendors, controller manufacturers and end users to make this open standard successful.”

Collaborating with hyperscale developers, KIOXIA has made Software-Enabled Flash technology more powerful and easier to use with a new, higher-level SDK. This SDK enables low-code prototyping and evaluation by providing high-level abstractions to speed application development and flash deployment. It enhances the Software-Enabled Flash ecosystem with a reference flash translation layer and virtual I/O device, as well as command-line management and testing utilities.  It also preserves full access to the low-level Software-Enabled Flash API primitives: workload isolation, quality of service management, latency outcome control, generation and vendor abstraction, and flash management offload.

Together, the Software-Enabled Flash API and SDK help speed the move between different flash technologies such as from TLC (triple-level cell) to QLC (quad-level cell), allowing the hyperscale cloud to adopt these new technologies faster and more efficiently.

SDC Keynote Session:

An SDC sponsor, KIOXIA has been selected to present a keynote session at the conference. Titled, “Maximizing Flash Value with the Software-Enabled Flash SDK,” the session will be presented by Eric Ries and Rory Bolt, senior fellow, MSSD, KIOXIA America, Inc., on September 28 at 10:00 AM PT. This session details how the new Software-Enabled Flash SDK from KIOXIA helps developers solve storage challenges and derive the maximum value of deployed flash - at hyperscale.

SDC ‘Birds of a Feather’ Discussion Session

KIOXIA America’s Earle Philhower and Sean Stead will lead a session titled, “Future Innovations in Software-Defined Flash Storage.” Today’s data centers are almost fully software-defined, from the software-defined network to virtualized and containerized computation to the software-defined file system. This session will take a closer look at one important part of the stack that’s not yet software-defined: flash storage itself. Enabling flash storage to be software-defined allows flash to be tailored to the specific needs of any application. This session will center on the software-defined flash capabilities that storage developers need, and will explain how software-defined flash APIs can affect how storage applications are written and run in the future. All SDC Birds of a Feather sessions are live events, and the KIOXIA session can be attended on September 28 at 4:00PM PT.

The KIOXIA video demonstrating the Software-Enabled Flash SDK supporting multiple flash drive protocols, including Zoned Namespace, standard block, and customized flash translation layer modes, can be accessed by clicking here: new window will open.

Software-Enabled Flash hardware is compliant with PCIe® and NVMe™ standards, enabling a large ecosystem and accelerating open innovation across multiple products. The API specification is available on the KIOXIA America, Inc. GitHub® siteA new window will open. . For more information, please visit

About KIOXIA America, Inc.
KIOXIA America, Inc. is the U.S.-based subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). From the invention of flash memory to today’s breakthrough BiCS FLASH™ 3D technology, KIOXIA continues to pioneer innovative memory, SSD and software solutions that enrich people's lives and expand society's horizons. The company's innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH, is shaping the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automotive, and data centers. For more information, please visit


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