KIOXIA Spotlights Software-Enabled Flash at SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Engineering Samples of New Flash-Based Hardware Module Will be Shown

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 12, 2022 – This week at SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC),  KIOXIA America, Inc. will display engineering samples of its innovative new software-defined technology and sample hardware based on PCIe® and NVMe® technology.

Managed by the Linux® Foundation, the Software-Enabled Flash™ Project was launched earlier this year, with the goal to enable software developers to maximize the use of flash media. After years of development and having been previewed at industry conferences such as SDC, OCP Global Summit and Flash Memory Summit, KIOXIA has now produced engineering samples of the technology in its labs.

At SDC, KIOXIA will highlight Software-Enabled Flash hardware in an E1.L form factor, as well as demos showing Software-Enabled Flash technology-based data placement control, I/O latency prioritization, copy offload, and multiple protocols running on a single hardware SKU.

“Software-defined technologies are a crucial building block for cloud and storage developers, and SDC is a great opportunity to get new advances out to the community,” said Eric Ries, SVP, Memory Storage Strategy Division (MSSD), KIOXIA America, Inc.  “We're excited that Software-Enabled Flash Technology, which makes flash truly software-defined, is becoming ready to put into the hands of these developers and look forward to presenting it at the show.”

Additionally, Ries, along with Scott Stetzer, senior director, Memory and Storage Strategy Division (MSSD), for KIOXIA America, will be giving a keynote address at the conference. Titled, “Software-Enabled Flash Has Arrived,” this presentation will educate the audience on this new open source project, explain Software-Enabled Flash technology in detail, and highlight the progress of the groundbreaking engineering sample drives that are the key to ushering in a new, developer-focused paradigm. The KIOXIA keynote address takes place on Tuesday, September 13 at 9:45 am PT.

Also speaking at SDC is Rory Bolt, senior fellow, Memory and Storage Strategy Division (MSSD), for KIOXIA America. Bolt will present a breakout session titled, “Building Flash-Aware Applications with the Software-Enabled Flash SDK,” on Monday, September 12 at 10:45 am PT.

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