UFS 4.0 – Designed for Next Generation Mobile Storage

UFS 4.0 offers lightning fast embedded storage transfer speeds allowing next-generation smartphones and mobile applications to take advantage of 5G mobile networks. UFS 4.0 incorporates MIPI M-PHY 5.0 High-Speed Gear 5 and UniPro2.0, and supports theoretical interface speeds of up to 23.2Gbps per lane or 46.4Gbps per device. UFS 4.0 is backward compatible with UFS 3.1 so existing platforms can use the latest generation of Flash Memory technology used in UFS 4.0, while incorporating all of the existing UFS 3.1 features.

UFS 4.0 Features


Key Features

  • Serial interface
  • High speed reads/writes
  • Low pin count
  • 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
  • 9mm x 13mm / 11mm x 13mm 153ball BGA package
UFS 4.0 performance over previous generation: +100%  seq. read and +95% seq. write

Faster Performance

Sequential read and write performance of UFS 4.0 devices has improved by approximately 100 and 95 percent respectively, over previous generation devices*. WriteBooster technology is incorporated to boost sequential write speeds for faster downloads, make high definition video recording storage quicker, and speed up mobile gaming.

* Kioxia Corporation’s previous generation 256GB device “THGJFGT1E45BAIP”

UFS 4.0 size comparison

Small Package Size

The new UFS 4.0 supports a small 9mm x 13mm* package for additional space savings in mobile applications, making handsets even smaller and sleeker.


UFS 4.0 vs UFS 3.1/2.1

KIOXIA offers UFS 3.1 and UFS 4.0, a family of high-capacity flash memories with an integrated controller. These flash memory solutions provide ECC and other control functions that are optimized for each flash memory technology generation. UFS reduces the workload on the host processor, simplify product development, shortens time-to-market and increases ease of use memory products.

Compared to UFS 3.1/2.1, UFS 4.0 delivers:

  • A faster interface
  • Higher performance for reads and writes
UFS 4.0 is 10x faster than e-MMC and 2x faster than UFS 3.1
UFS 4.0 is 2X faster than 3.1


KIOXIA UFS released timeline KIOXIA UFS released timeline

KIOXIA is at the forefront of UFS development in the market, driving this new technology to faster speeds and better power efficiency compared to other embedded storage solutions. KIOXIA was the first to deliver samples of UFS 1.1 in 2013. KIOXIA was also first to deliver samples of UFS 3.0 in January 2019. KIOXIA has a long history of NAND flash memory inventions. With the introduction of the latest UFS 4.0, KIOXIA continues to show its commitment to create technologies that enable advancements in an ever changing digital world.

UFS 4.0 for smartphone and VR/AR

A Better User Experience with UFS 4.0

UFS 4.0 standard provides vast improvements in performance compared to earlier versions. Smartphones, gaming consoles and portable augmented and virtual reality devices will benefit from the faster transfer speeds. In addition, the increased read performance will enable games and applications to be downloaded much faster improving the user experience. As the market develops faster and more efficient, KIOXIA is always ready for the next with our UFS 4.0 standard leading the way. 

KIOXIA UFS Key Technology

WriteBooster Functionality

WriteBooster enhances write performance by utilizing the existing user data area as a temporary SLC buffer without sacrificing capacity. Maximum SLC buffer size can be configured by the host at device configuration and the host can keep writing data to the buffer until the buffer is filled. This feature is enabled dynamically during operation by the host depending on system performance requiriements of 5G and other applications.

High Speed Link Startup Sequence (HS-LSS) support *1

With conventional UFS, Link Startup (M-PHY and UniPro initialization sequence) between device and host is performed at low-speed PWM-G1 (3~9Mbps*2), but with HS-LSS, it can be performed at faster HS-G1 Rate A (1248Mbps). This is expected to reduce the time for Link Startup by approximately 70% compared to the conventional method.

  2. PWM-G1 communication speed depends on the product.

Advanced Technology

KIOXIA UFS utilizes high-performance BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory technology to optimize performance.

KIOXIA UFS Key Applications

Notebook / Ultrabook™ / Tablet / Desktop PC / Gaming PC

Smartphone / Smartwatch / Smart glasses

Game console / Smart TV / Virtual Reality Headsets / Set-Top-Box/Digital Video Recorder / Smart speaker / Smart home / Wearables / Home Health / Home Network

Automation / Digital Healthcare / Transportation / Surveillance / Robot / Drone / Security / Digital Signage / Networking (5G area network) / PoS (Point of Sales)

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UFS 4.0 Specs

*Table can be scrolled horizontally.

Capacity Part Number UFS
Max Data
Supply Voltage Operating
Package Size
256GB THGJFJT1E45BATP 4.0 4640 2.4 to 2.7 1.14 to 1.26 (1) -25 to 85 11.0x13.0x0.8
256GB THGJFLT1E45BATP 11.0x13.0x0.8
256GB THGJFMT1E45BATV 9.0x13.0x0.8
512GB THGJFJT2T85BAT0 11.0x13.0x0.95
512GB THGJFLT2E46BATP 11.0x13.0x0.8
512GB THGJFMT2E46BATV 9.0x13.0x0.8
1TB THGJFLT3E86BATU 11.0x13.0x1.0
1TB THGJFMT3E86BATZ 9.0x13.0x0.9
  1. This product supports dual-supply operation at VCC and VCCQ. VCCQ2 need not be supplied.

UFS 3.1

KIOXIA’s UFS 3.1 brings the high-speed read/write performance, low power consumption and shortened application launch times demanded by a wide range of digital consumer products.



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