EDSFF E3 Form Factor

The Benefits of E3 EDSFF


EDSFF connector design and placement is the same standard across all EDSFF configurations, allowing for flexible chassis and backplane design


EDSFF can reach up to 70W for per device superior performance, while the SFF-8639 connector (used in 2.5” SSDs) can only reliably supply up to 25W

4x Performance

EDSFF can support up to 4x higher performance in a 4C configuration with 16 PCIe lanes than a 4 lane U.2 or U.3 compliant 2.5” SSD

Future Proof

The EDSFF connector is designed to handle PCIe® 5.0 frequencies and PCIe 6.0 while U.2 is limited to PCIe 5.0 and U.3 is limited to PCIe 4.0


The EDSFF is designed with efficient use of space and surface area, improving thermal dissipation and allowing for higher density chassis


EDSFF is designed to be used with other PCIe applications like networking or compute peripherals, not limited to SSDs

E3 - Enterprise Servers and Storage

E3.S and E3.L size and dimension E3.S and E3.L size and dimension
Type Width (Thickness) Length Height Max Power
E3.S 7.5 mm 112.75 mm 76 mm 25W
E3.S 2T 16.8 mm 40W
E3.L 7.5mm 142.2 mm
E3.L 2T 16.8 mm 70W

PCIe Lanes per Connector

4, 8, 16, 16+ PCIe lanes per connector diagram

E3 Max Power

E3 SSD rendering with max power values


CD7 E3.S Data Center NVMe™ SSD

KIOXIA CD7 E3.S SSD product image

CM7 E3.S Enterprise NVMe™ SSD

KIOXIA CM7 E3.S SSD product image

Benefits of E3

  • E3 SSDs can utilize up to 16 PCIe lanes with power profiles up to 70W
  • E3 SSDs utilize the robust EDSFF connector, allowing for high data rates versus 2.5” drives
  • E3.L form factor enables 2x higher capacity when compared to 2.5” form factors of similar Z-Heights
Product Form Factor Endurance Interface Storage Capacity (GB) Sequential Read/Write Random Read/Write
CD7-R EDSFF E3.S Read Intensive
(1 DWPD for 5 years)
Designed to
PCIe® 5.0
and NVMe™ 1.4 
Up to
6,500/5,600 MB/s
Up to
1.1M/180K IOPS
CM7-R Read Intensive
(1 DWPD for 5 years)
PCIe 5.0®
and designed
to NVMe™ 1.4 specifications
Up to
14,000/7,000 MB/s
Up to
2.5M/300K IOPS
CM7-V Mixed-Use
(3 DWPD for 5 years) 
Up to
2.5M/550K IOPS

Which Companies Will Offer E3-enabled Products?

While E3 form factors began with a focus on traditional enterprise server and storage use cases, hyperscalers are evaluating E3 for use in scale-out environments. Many server, storage and SSD companies with 2.5-inch storage solutions are aligned with the E3 Family. Vendors currently working on the SFF-TA-1002 and SFF-TA-1008 specifications include Dell EMC®, HPE, KIOXIA and many others. Initial development and demonstration systems in support of the E3 Family of form factors are well underway with early full function development vehicles as shown (Figure 1).

EDSFF E3.S Prototype EDSFF E3.S Prototype

Figure 1: EDSFF prototype with KIOXIA E3.S Prototype NVMe SSDs

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